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    About Neuro Training
    Who offers Neuro Training

    Who Offers Neuro-Training.

    Neuro-Training is offered by individual consultants who have taken the recognised training. You can experience Neuro-Training as a client in a Neuro-Training session, as a participant of a Self Help Workshop or as a student in a recognised Neuro-Training Course from a registered Neuro-Training Institute.

    For a list of registered Consultants or Institutions click here (show link to professional Consultants and NT Colleges).

    A qualified Professional Consultant Neuro Trainer will display certification of their training in public view. If you cannot see this certification ask the Consultant to show it to you.

    If they cannot do so, they may not be fully qualified with Neuro-Training and it is then your decision to continue with the session or not. Neuro-Training Pty Ltd is dedicated to upholding our 'duty of care' with our clientele. If a consultant cannot provide valid certification of their training level and you continue with the session, NT P/L will not be held responsible for any consequent results.

    Each Professional Consultant is obliged to practice the 'Code of Ethics and Practice' of Neuro-training P/L.

    So we are sure you will have a secure and beneficial experience with Neuro-Training.

    Copyright © by Neuro-Training All Right Reserved.
    Published on: 2006-08-29 (12267 reads)
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