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    Training options
    Professional Training

    is committed to the expansion of human competence through the expression of individual potential and its purpose is to
    explore and understand the Laws of Natural Recuperation.
    created by
    Andrew Verity ND, DI, DH
    This is here to provide information about Neuro-Training’s purpose
    and pursuit of excellence in Professional Training and Practice.
    With acknowledgement for the contributions from
    Geraldine Gallagher, Jenni Beasley, Valerie Walters and Andrew Verity 
    Copyright September 2001
    Andrew Verity
    ND, DI, DH, CP.
    Andrew has been involved with health related modalities since 1978 and started with Applied Kinesiology. He has Diplomas in Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Iridology. He was the founder and Director of the Advanced Kinesiology Centres - Educating Alternatives which has recently become Neuro-Training Pty Ltd. Andrew initiated the development of IASK (International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists) in Australia and was President of IASK International for over 6 years. He was also President of Applied Physiology Australia, and was the head of the Accreditation Board for IASK.
    Qualified as a Personologist with the South Pacific Personology Institute, he has researched and developed new understanding and uses of Face Traits (facial characteristics) with Cheirology (hand characteristics).
    Andrew’s aim for Neuro-Training is the integration of all modalities as equally important to the profession of Neuro-Training generally, and that Neuro-Training becomes recognized as a contributor to the quality of life by establishing professional standards in education and practice. His research has led to the original integration of other modalities into Neuro-Training.
    Neuro-Training has been administered by its executive board made up of a committed group of people who have volunteered to donate their resources, talents and time to developing and promoting Neuro-Training to the world.
    They are all highly qualified and experienced in the applications of Neuro-Training and other human sciences.
    Neuro-Training (NT) is directed by this executive board, who are helping NT to create better ways for Clients and Consultants to become more aware of the benefits of Neuro-Training and the alternatives it can offer.
    The executive of NT has created an innovative, solution oriented working model for educating people to better alternatives. NT is founded upon the vision that we have the ability to shape our future in which Neuro-Training plays an integral part.
    NT conducts research and presentation of original information in workshop and diploma formats for the public and practitioners. Our focus is to help set new standards of excellence in Recuperation and educational alternatives.
    NT is committed to increasing the quality of life by exploring and understanding the Laws of Natural Recuperation.
    Recuperation is an inherent part of our genetic make-up, and within our genetic resources there are appropriate solutions for the mental conflicts, emotional traumas and physical stressors that make extraordinary demands on our energy systems. 
    Andrew Verity, the director of Neuro-Training P/L, has developed the ‘Model of Universal Principles’ which is a truly universal working model for Neuro-Training. It shows the fundamental understanding of how a person expresses their values through individual experiences of life and living.
    The ‘Model of Universal Principles’ (MUP) has exposed the nature of the suppression of our innate expression as the underlying cause of so many distresses in life. The fears, conflicting beliefs and unsupportive habits that block our true self expression.
    Using the MUP reinforces the use of muscle monitoring as the tool for using Neuro-Training as a professional modality. The result is a unifying model that can incorporate any form of Neuro-Training or other modalities.
    Neuro-Training has developed over 30 training workshops as well as specific Instructor Training Programs. These additional programs for Professional Instructors show how to teach the individual Neuro-Training workshops. This helps consultants and clients alike to increase the quality and expression of their own individual Spirit.
    Neuro-Training supports continuing research through the observation of human behaviour
    There have been, and still are, many pioneers of the research into the effects of the principles of Recuperation, yet the effort put into the Recuperation arts could never be covered fully by a thousand texts. From ancient times, Aristotle, Paracelsus and other greats have influenced the development of Recuperation through their powers of observation. So as we take a common-sense look at the function of human behaviour, we see how it reflects the nature of the laws that govern our recuperation.
    Following the greats that have influenced the contemporary approach to Recuperation, comes the growth of Neuro-Training P/L. These NT workshops are a part of the research done at Neuro-Training P/L which has become the umbrella for the research into combining naturopathic and other modalities with Neuro-Training.
    This work will continue to help us to unravel the mysteries of how we really function
    The introduction of the Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training has established a powerful foundation for the series of Neuro-Training Professional Workshops. Any student can accrue credits toward professional training and diploma hours. As well, ‘take home’ study courses increasing the accredited hours to a total that qualifies the student as recognized memebver of local associations.
    (All courses are accredited with the AKA (Australia, while other countries may require different credits)
    The latest addition to the training stable is the Applied Personology Certificate workshops. These are an integration of the characteristics shown by the features in the face (Personology) with the qualities shown in the hand. (Cheirology)
    NT has Professional Instructors of its programs in Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia, with a new centre in Tenerife, Spain. Our growth has been due to the development of the MUP which is introduced in the workshop,
    How We Recuperate, expanded in the workshop Principles of Recuperation, and completed in the Model of Universal Principles workshop.
    The Solution Oriented Neuro-Training Procedure is taught in the Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training (ASONT) workshop. It establishes an amazing working procedure that acts as an open learning system for the consultant to allow the client to determine the course of their recuperation. This is unique in all human science modalities and is the backbone of the application of the NT insights.
    This basic tool deals with the nature of adaption and defence, and why it is important to find the right context in which to train the nervous system into better recuperation for the long term.
    NT presents three main streams of Neuro-Training and invites you to consider the benefits you will obtain from doing them yourself.
    A series of Training Workshops
    Researched and created by Andrew Verity ND, DI, DH.
    Three Streams of Neuro-Training
    Innovative Self Help Modules, Advanced Neuro-Training and 
    Professional Consultant Training in Diplomas of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training.
    Neuro-Training has something for everyone who is interested in learning the information for themselves, family, friends or profession. Now there is a new addition of home study courses for you to learn at your own leisure.
    We have also four Certificate training courses you can take to siut your immediate needs.
    1. Certificates in Personal Advancement,
    2. Certificate in Applied Personology
    3. Certificate in Solution Oriented Neuro-Training
    and 4. Certificate in Personal Skills Training
    Please ask for the specific information and requirements regarding these certificates.
    The workshops comprising these levels and their home studies are recognized by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA), and Neuro-Training Pty Ltd. They may lead to prior learning credits towards the Diploma of Health Science in Solution Oriented Neuro-Training when it is released. For further information about this diploma, contact the NT Head Office.
    5 Ross St.
    Fernhill, 2519.
    NSW. Australia.
    Ph +61 (02)424 44044
    Workshops List


    Neuro-Training has been developing its training and formats over many years. Many people during this time have asked for a workshop that encapsulates the philosophy of Neuro-Training and how we attempt to impliment this philosophy.
    This brought us back to redefining why we do Neuro-Training. Which in turn made us have another look at how we Recuperate. So this developed into a workshop of the same name.
    A one day introduction to the the philosophy and application of Neuro-training. The name “Neuro-training’ comes from the desire to ‘Educate’ people to the ‘Alternatives” available to them for real, long term Recuperation. This in combination with ‘How We Recuperate’ gives an overview of what is needed to have and keep this long term Recuperation active.
    The workshop serves a number of purposes. One is a series of sections that relate to the reality of how people Recuperate and don’t Recuperate. These sections then can be used as a format for presenters to use as models for the structure of their presentations to the public.
    Secondly, the course helps to explain in simple terms the principles behind the Recuperation process as well as the means by which we can use these principles. It covers the use of context and the MUP as well as the tried and proven principles of Recuperation as used by the founders of homeopathy.
    The participants will go away with an overview of what Neuro-Training is about as well as having some practical anti-stress processes to take home with them.
    Once qualifying to teach ASONT, a presenter can do this workshop and be able to teach it themselves.
    Duration: 7 Hours (1 Day) No Prerequisites
    Applied Personology Certificate


     A non prerequisite course for anyone wanting to know about the traits in the face and body that represent our Genetic Past. A great start to understanding human behaviour.
     * Covers over 40 Face Traits.
    Having fun with our emotional defences and removing the stress around being who we are.
    FACE TRAITS 2 + 3
    Face Traits 2 adds more detailed information about more traits, while Face Traits 3 deals with the groups of traits that create life patterns. Find interesting facts about why you think and act the way you do.
    Looking more at the binarious nature of mankind in its relationship to the genetic inheritance.
    This information will change your perception of faces and their meaning forever.
                * Includes another 90+ traits and combinations in FT2.
                            Another 20 traits plus insights into their combined effect. 


    Genetic References (GR1) is a continuation of the Applied Personology series (certificate course).
    Now we introduce the relationships between the Face Traits (1,2 and 3) with the Cheirology Traits to discover the amazing transformations that can come from using theses references.
    GR1 includes the use of Architypes with the traits as a way of discovering the life patterns we are following and how to turn them into resources for life.
    • New relationships between the
    Cheirology and face Traits
    • Gender effects on the brain and how
    they influence these traits.
    • Architypes


    This workshop continues the relationships between face traits and Cheirology Traits and the effect of the Ennegrams. This gives a great perspective of how we form the psychological patterns that drive our lives.
    • More trait relationships
    • Primal Life patterns in the brain
    • The Psyche and Ennegrams


     One of the great needs in the recuperation arts is the establishment of 
    reproducible yet flexible working procedures.
    This workshop incorporates the necessary understanding and procedures to best create the 
    desired benefit for the client and consultant.
    Includes the integration of the SONT procedure into clinical practice with practical examples.
    Clinical applications include the
    Client as the MUP

                • Giving explanations of the significance of the position of the imbalances.



    • Understanding the types of defence that clients use.

                • Including the development of new ways of dealing with ‘causal chains’ and the most appropriate access into their recuperation processes.
    A workshop that is open to questions and ideas around running a recuperation centre.
    Practical demonstrations are given with discussion and comment. 

    The Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training

     This is a workshop that sets the first frame for clear and precise information on how and why our neurology responds the way it does. ‘ASONT’ is the first workshop taught in the Neuro-training Programs. Even the most experienced practitioner will learn something new.
    Here is a comprehensive understanding of the basics in muscle monitoring and Neuro-Training.
    A ‘One Day’ ASONT is offered to those professional practitioners who wish to add to their skills the unique additions found in ASONT, which they would not have already experienced in other training. Enquire for the prerequisites.
    • What Neuro-Training is, and what it is not!
    • How to monitor a muscle response accurately
    • How to find hidden problems
    • Contexts versus Content
    • What is a cybernetic loop
    • Adaption, the nature of our defence patterns
    • How we become caught in ‘defence’
    • Suppression. What it is, what to do about it
    • Working Factors
    • Solution Oriented Options


     An introduction to the Model of Universal Principles. ‘Principles of Recuperation’ teaches you the context of Recuperation within the biggest picture and gives you an enormous amount of information on how to discover the correct context to work within.
    You will understand the difference between Recuperation in its appropriate context and suppression. The Model of Universal Principles enables you to combine all Recuperation modalities within a Neuro-Training framework.
    Learn the difference between a Recuperation Crisis and aggravation. 
    Know when to balance a Recuperation Crisis and when not to. Learn how to check for Available/Unavailable Energy for Recuperation and recuperation. The workshop provides an excellent reference that outlines the theory behind all the techniques we use in Neuro-Training.
    Learn how to incorporate all other information you have such as Naturopathy, Herbal, Homeopathy, other body work and Acupuncture.
     • Laws of Recuperation
    • Hering’s Law of Cure 
    • The Process of Re/Degeneration
     • Recuperation Crises
     • Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Checking
    • Time References
    • Suppression 
    • Elements of Mankind
    Incorporating the Nine Phases of Muscle Monitoring
    This workshop from Neuro-Training builds on the information from the ‘Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training’ in a very congruent and empowering way. Innate Intelligence includes not just Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 checking but also the hierarchy of muscles, simultaneous checking, new information on circuits, gaits, reflexes versus circuits, contingent checking and stress responses.
    The better neurological options and techniques covered within the four days are:
    • Nine Intelligences
    • Spindle Cell/Golgi Tendon Integration
    • Stress receptors of the head
    • Hand receptors
    • Reactives/Reactor Circuits
    • Acupoints for the Laws of Recuperation
    • New Neuro-vascular Points
    • Hypertonics
    • Nine Phases of Checking
    Some of the information you may feel that you have covered in other workshops. However with new research, you will find this to be a new way of associating intelligence with the process of muscle monitoring. The information and techniques will give a deeper understanding of functional muscle monitoring in a solution oriented way.
    This workshop is aimed at clearing away the restrictive inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours. You will use Cheirology (hand analysis) as a reference in clearing the following:
    • Nine Brain Functions   • Time Line
     • Learned Helplessness   • Fear Spiral
    The workshop also clears specific emotional and mental stress held at a subconscious level. 
    You will defuse the ‘Fear Spiral’, using unique and powerful integration and 
    balancing procedures to remove specific psychological defences.
    Learn about Cheirology and how the traits of your hand can be used to help you 
    understand yourself better and guide you through difficult times.
    A great way to start the journey through the Blueprint Series of workshops aimed at 
    developing your personal awareness and self reliance.
    The Blueprint Series
    After taking ASONT, you can follow just the Blueprint Series separately to the other workshops 
    (certificate course PA)
    Continues the line of defusions from Blueprint One in clearing the limiting influences 
    on genetic energy. Its direction is to educate and change old contexts and replace 
    them with new and more appropriate alternatives. 
    This workshop adds more Cheirology information to expand your BP1 references.
    You will learn new correction procedures for resolving all of the following:
    • Effects of inherited tendencies
    • Colour Doubt Defusion • Miasms
    • Death Cycle • ‘Deep States’
    • Inherited Hypnotic Patterns
    • Infusing New Life References
    This program is uniquely aimed at the extended use of ‘Deep States’ as a tool for developing the actual potential of all our talents as resources. There are practical exercises in applying Deep States so that participants become familiar with the function and use of Deep States. Blueprint Synopsis includes clearing the Five Laws of Deep States as well as Deep States Patterns.
    This workshop is a natural extension of the defusions completed in the previous Blueprint workshops. BP3 explores the way we structure reality and how we function within our own reality.
    Using muscle monitoring, we will find deeper and more significant influences on our Metaphor. The defusion procedures in Blueprint Three focus on how we can change the reality filters we have formed into useful tools of self-governing change and development.
    Some of the things included in the workshop are:
              • A unique correction procedure on chromosomal stresses using colour and shape cards from Switzerland, and further developments in the use of Deep States.
     • Rediscovering our power using the Tao Te Ching Symbols to clear Life Dependencies.
      • Defusing Synesthesia Patterns that restrict your natural perception and neurological growth.
              • Removing any selective dyslexias by clearing Agnosia.
              •  The assessment of your Value Structures is an integral part of the final addition of new qualities into your Metaphor.  
    After having achieved the basic understanding from ASONT,
    Innate Int, PoR and BP1, now comes the ‘putting it all together’ process. This is primarily a reinforcement and application of the SONT procedure.
    To do this we will need to learn some new information and most importantly, apply the procedure in an every day need context. Learning how to apply these techniques and concepts is crucial to building a strong basis for the use of any Neuro-Training practice.
     Applications will include dealing with:
    • Dichotomy • Integration Techniques
    • Expanded Elemental Support References
    • New references for meridians
    • Emotional Acupoints • Chakras
    As well as approaches for dealing with the most influential contexts such as:
    • Relationship Consequences
    • Unfinished Business • Assumptions
    • Acquired Behaviours • Influence • Human Heuristics
    As a reinforcement of the proficiency in using the SONT procedure, 
    this level of training will give anyone the ability to be a more effective support with friends, 
    family and clients, and to have a full set of tools to deal with life’s challenges.
    If you have used muscle monitoring to find emotions,
    you have been exposed to a subconscious representation of our emotional behaviours.
    These behaviours are represented in the brain as patterns that we access 
    whenever we react to stimuli.
    If we do not find the associated emotional context, 
    the same emotion keeps returning time after time.
    You will further explore the Motivational and Universal Barometers and suppressed expression. With further insights into the uses of these barometers, you can expand your ability to identify and balance specific emotional and psychological behaviour patterns quickly and effectively.
    Some of the areas covered are:
    • Emotional Capacity
     • Toxic emotions 
    • Hypnotic triggers
    • Emotional Phrases
    • Psychological strategies 
    • Reactive emotions  
    • Synonymous emotions  
    • Choosing and No Choice emotional states 
     • Four Contexts of an Emotion  
    As another development of the ‘Model of Universal Principles’ and the intrinsic genetic references that influence our every function, we investigate the phenomena of Infused Compulsive Behaviours.
    Using the discovery of a new finger mode that changes thinking patterns, we can now identify and correct how old compulsions took hold. In this workshop you will find a wonderful revelation in how to identify and correct mental stresses that are locked into the body’s muscle circuits.
    The result is a new way of looking at how we can live without the physical and mental restrictions we have unknowingly placed on ourselves. This workshop uncovers some of the most important influences to our learning and practical abilities through roles in life.
    • Cheirology Barometer
    • Mental Suppression 
    • Power Barometer
    • The Drama Triangle 
    • Role Plays to challenge
    • I Ching of Power Barometer
    • How we structure our psyche
    • Intelligence and Physical Function
    • Inherited Patterns of Compulsive Behaviours
    Previously `Goal Strategies`
    This is a workshop that gives a practical approach to achieving your personal goals and 
    business projections.
    The workshop provides an awakening of the perceptions that determine 
    positive values in all aspects of life and how to apply them to your goals.
     An important workshop in identifying how our subconscious determines what is important to us. Our conscious goals are not always in line with what our subconscious holds as important for us.
    The objective of goals is to achieve the goal. When you consider how much time we spend living for our goals, it makes sense to spend some time developing strategies to become more fruitful and effective. Successful strategies are the strategies that help us to create appropriate goals and remove the conflicts of belief about achieving the goals and their benefits.
     • Values scales for areas of life
    • Constructing goals
    • Change and your mind
    • Fears that undermine goals
    • Laying plans for success
    • Brain Quadrants
     • Conflicting Beliefs
    • Inferior vs Superior
    • Positive Evidence
    As a specific development of the ‘Model of Universal Principles’, this workshop investigates the basics of how we are motivated to create the behaviours we exhibit in everyday life.
    We will look at the true causes: the misperceptions, rituals and emotions that form our reaction patterns. We will examine a new concept of what types of beliefs 
    we have and the result of conflicting beliefs.
    We will develop a system of checking inherited beliefs and constructed beliefs 
    that create the emotional stresses that plague our existence. 
    Find out how you can create effective change and understand the elements that influence change. 
    Checking for secondary gains, integration and consequences.
     You will understand the unique relationship between:
    • Fears and intelligence
    • Habits and emotions
    • Beliefs and physical function
    • Integration of intelligence & congruence with
    supportive habits
    This workshop exposes some of the most important influences to our success, 
    Recuperation and happiness in life.
    Here is the addition of the use of Chinese Meridian and Energy Theory as a complement to the existing knowledge of applying Neuro-Training techniques, and so expanding your awareness of this very important modality.
    Yin Yang provides the theory and practice to balance the Meridian System in a new context and how it relates to the Mental, Emotional and Physical Elements of the ‘Model of Universal Principles’
    You will understand and use the Ten Stems, balance the Hara, discover new acupuncture points and their functions, and the best way to identify the Chinese Herbs needed to balance energy.
    A powerful and enlightening workshop with information on:
    • Perverse Energy in the Glands and Organs
    • Yin Yang, Blood and Chi
    • Eight Extra Meridians
    • Integration of all Meridians
    • Specialized use of Finger Modes
    • The Hara • Ancient Points
    • Master Points and Couple Points
    • Ten Stems
    • Jin Shin Juytsu
    Head Office - Neuro-training
    5 Ross St. Fernhill. 2519. NSW. Australia.
    Telephone: +61 (0) 500 800 994.
    Email: info@neuro-training.com
    Neuro-Training Centre - Tenerife
    Estefania Rieder
    Via Vecinal 136. El Sauzal. Tenerife. 38360. Spain
    Ph.Fx +34 992560123.
    Email info@neuro-training.com

    Copyright © by Neuro-Training All Right Reserved.
    Published on: 2006-08-29 (24772 reads)
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