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Publication: Activation Workshops
Neuro Training

The evolution of Neuro-Training continues with the clarification of the training streams and what effect they are having.

We have been teaching these workshops for nearly eight years and with hundreds of participants reporting back from using the techniques. We know now the common qualities they all have as a group.


With the pressure and lifestyle choices we make takes a huge amount of energy from us. Yet we still have to function at the same level of output. So we end up trying to get the things done with less and less energy and our ability and competence goes down.

What is getting activated...?

We are made of different systems which are 'built' by our genetics.

That means we all have the same systems. Even though we have different types of stresses, we all have the same internal mechanisms that respond.

As we get more and more reactive and defensive to our surroundings, we compensate by turning down or off some functions and systems. We become less and less able to deliver on our promises and eventually start to see ourselves as the stressor.

The activation workshops are also built from the same elements as our systems are. They use the elements our genetics created for us. They remind the systems to work in the way they were designed (by the genetics).

When a complete system is trained to work as a system again, we stop wasting energy and become more efficient with the energy we have.

The more activation workshops you do, the more the capacity for that energy increases. Our aim is not to just overcome a deficiency but to increase the capacity of every part of you. Your energy, your power, your competence, your compassion, your love and your great experience of life.

If I had a way to overcome your weaknesses and never showed you, I would know I was not the man I want to be. What if you found out about the solution and found that I had not told you about it? I don't think I would like me very much because oyu would be justified in being angry with me.

So what do I do? Give you the gift or let you find out years from now, from someone else?

Here they are, the Activation Workshops.

They are here for you. Take advantage of them for yourself first. Go to www.neuro-training.com/dvdtraining and see what you can pick for yourself.


Let me know what they do for you,


Posted on Monday, 28 de March a las 10:38:41 by advkin

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Neuro Training

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